It is not always necessary to go far to find inspiration. Sometimes inspiration is close, next door, neighbor, as part of our everyday landscape. Perhaps that is why the fact of having made something so common, so humble, something as simple as our gear into a piece of fine jewelry, fills me with satisfaction.

Something amazing, fresh, creative, innovative jury must have seen that, in the contest and jewelry distant 1993, he decided to give one of my creations, inspired by this simple fruit, first prize. Since then, I have tried to keep innovating on the basis of these small objects, as Castilian, as ours.

Bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings, pins, cuff links and tie pins, among other creations, form a collection in gold, gloss and matte, takes an obvious role. Simplicity, delicacy and humility does not prevent these creations are valued as small wonders, full of light.


These pieces, which follow the same criteria of shapes and sizes to the capricious nature and many of my creations have created school and already a classic in my work as a goldsmith.