The paddle is the quintessential sport couples and also one of the most fun !.

Spain is one of the perfect country to play paddle for its climate, especially outdoors. It suitable for any age, is one of the most appropriate also to do that that we like: socializing, refreshments go with friends.

After each match, you can be the best this sport which remains unstoppable rise has to offer.

Thinking about the sport and the social function that the paddle makes its practitioners, wanted to pay tribute to both the obstacles and overcoming a physical effort represents, and the Union and the respect that is forged between the two team members, where the collaboration of both is crucial to achieve the goal.

It is my intention with this totally unisex piece, represent the spirit of paddle and unions that form after relying heavily on our partner in moments of great intensity.


Created in Sterling Silver with a special alloy to increase the brightness. He forged in the fire to harden and inseparable details of a paddle racket, surely it is worth, when we try to keep our victories on the track, or hold our allies in the most intense battles.