Naive, like the word that gives name, collection applies to a particular artistic movement characterized by their naivety and spontaneity. A perspective shot by the same intuition of who performs it. In many respects it is based, or remember, the art created in childhood. Away from academic theories.

French naif naive concept refers not only to a certain style applied in the art, but is formalized in a funny lack of technical and theoretical knowledge, so that the authors could say what they wanted painted or it seemed more appropriate without following any rules. In this sense, naive can be given by two, though not mutually exclusive different reasons: first ignorance («naive») regarding the techniques and theories to produce works of art and secondly, by a search (consciously or otherwise) of forms of expression that evoke childhood in which case the apparent simplicity is an elaborate effort of evocations. In the second case, for the naive is true, clearly intended to be just formally express a naive evocation of childhood.


Although the genuine naive by definition they can not have predetermined reasons, usually take issues related to rural life, family life, customs, traditions and religion always represented with great imagination and vivacity.