The hunting is defined as the art of hunting. From the bow and arrow to Falconry, analyze traces, stalking, waiting. The finer arts of diverse disciplines all come together in the Hunting: The Art of Hunting.

So I’ve spent so many years giving my services to enthusiasts who, with dreamy eyes relive these particular experiences of day or night. Big stories told with a sharpness palpable through the skin. And in their hands a tusk, a hoof, that his eyes look to see beyond. In those long days where there is never certainty, to return to what we once were, hunters all of us.

Jewellery hunting to which I do, I like to think of as the art of hunting Art. It is not enough to cherish lived, felt experience. Many of the animals that a hunter comes to know about the hunter leave a mark that can never erase. An own brand, nobody else, nobody can get it for yourself.


And if the mark can lift it, wear it on a golden metal, they do still nobler animal that once and it was probably no better shot for such exciting stories.