Sometimes reality is the daughter of our own dreams. Thus was born the new collection «Vertebral». He had long been imagining a sequence of perfectly willing accounts, a natural Married parts. Often came to my mind the image of a linker seamlessly, without friction, as elements in an orderly and simple structure but at the same time, complex and spontaneous.

However, he could not give the exact formula. It was there, but it seemed impossible alumbrarla. That image was elusive and evasive me. One night in a dream scenario, which always occur the most wonderful and strange things, imagined a backbone, an entire column of human vertebrae, forged in silver.

Was a precise structure, the dream was real depiction of that image so many times thought. Accounts that column vertebrae silver-hugged my neck in a natural way.


Dragged by the need to make that dream a reality, the next morning I began to develop the first piece of a different collection, fresh, unique … mobility. Bracelets, key chains … red gold, silver and leather in an unprecedented symbiosis. This is the story of a dream collection.